Drill Point Grinding Specialists

Unfortunately, all drill points go dull over time and with repeated use, which significantly reduces their effectiveness working on a whole range of materials, ultimately slowing down efficiency and resulting in lost time. Resolving dull, blunt drill points can be tricky, however, and we understand that not everybody working with drills, even on a day to day basis, has the expertise to restore drill bits to their original condition manually.

At Peak Machine Tools, our specialists deal with issues arising from drill bits, tools and equipment for a wide customer base including users of all levels of interest and experience, from homeowners and hobbyists to craftsmen and enthusiasts.

Prevent drill bit damage

In fact, there are a number of practices that can be effective in preventing problems such as drill breakage and poor performance, and taking some simple steps can help even those with experience operating drills.

Checking the angle of the drill is a good place to start, as inaccurate drilling is the cause of most of the issues relating to drills. It is also important to take note of the material you are drilling into and adjust accordingly; pointing should be varied depending on whether you are drilling into soft or hard materials.

Above all, remain aware of your relative level of skill – if you feel out of your depth or are have questions about a particular aspect of the task at hand, stop and check out what you’re doing before you cause damage to either yourself or the equipment you are using. This can often be the case when trying to sharpen drill bits by hand.

Definitive Drill Point Grinding Solution

If you find yourself in a position where you are regularly dealing with blunt or damaged drill bits, a drill point grinding machine could be the answer.

With an extensive range of drill point grinding machines to select from, manufactured from industry standard brands and makes including Coughi and others, Peak Machine Tools are the ideal outlet for advice, machine tools, equipment and accessories to suit your requirements. In addition, we can recommend the right equipment for you if you are unsure of the best course of action for your needs.

One of the issues with selecting a standard drill point grinding machine or device is quite simply the colossal range of sizes and specifications when it comes to drill bits. As such, our selection of drill point grinding machines are designed to accommodate a definitive range of drill point types and sizes from 0.5mm dia drills all the way up to 80mm, and are designed for consistent, accurate results time after time.

In particular, drill point grinding machines are useful for individuals and firms where a large volume of like for like drill bits that need sharpening on a regular basis. All our machines can be handled with ease, with lightweight, portable drill point grinding machines available as well as heavy duty machine tools capable of more extensive work.