Candle Filter


  • Tungsten carbide tool grinder
  • Electrical Discharge Machine
  • Horning Machine
  • Steel ball grinder
Oil Coolant Applicable:
(per the recommended one)

  • Grinder under 45SUS
    (100°F, 37.8°C)
  • EDM -under 37 SUS
    (73°, 22.8°C)

Filter Precision: 1~3µ

European Model


  • Each candle-like core is organized by over ten thousand of thin wafers that lets circulating oil undergo them through the tiny gap lied between each two films driven by spring force; the filtering efficiency reaches 1~3µ.
  • When the core is full of dirt filtered from oil, use air to blow it in the reverse direction and move out the dirt into the sludge collection tank.
  • Renewable core that can last for several years without change new one (use the recommended circulation oil as coolant).